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How safe is our drinking water? According to an article in the New York Times (12/7/2009), over 20% of public water treatment systems in the US have recently violated the Safe Drinking Water Act. There have been violations in every state. Among the contaminants found were tetrachloroethylene, arsenic, uranium, and dangerous levels of bacteria. The article states that millions in the US become ill each year due to drinking water contaminants. Click here to read the full article. A water purifier is an excellent investment in the health of you and your family.

Nature’s Spring Reverse Osmosis (RO)    
With years of expertise in the production of countertop reverse osmosis water treatment systems, Nature’s Sunshine has developed a new and improved Nature’s Spring RO device to meet the growing challenges facing our drinking water. This unit is still designed around a semi-permeable membrane that allows only pure water, oxygen and a small amount of minerals to pass through, while sending everything else down the drain.reverse osmosis unit This technology has been used for decades to purify seawater into drinking water. When combined with the purifying abilities of activated carbon, reverse osmosis is a proven method for making great-tasting, high quality drinking water for your family. The new and improved Nature’s Spring is now a four-stage system that offers one unit for all city water systems and solid-block activated carbon in the pre- and post-filters. It also has a special timer with indicator lights so you know when to change the filters. The four stages of the new and improved Nature’s Spring
RO unit:

Stage One
Water first enters a 5-micron pre-filter that is 12 inches long. It removes any large sediment or debris that may damage the membrane.

Stage Two
A solid-block, activated carbon filter (inside the sediment pre-filter) removes excess chlorine to protect the PA membrane and assists in removing chloramines.

Stage Threereverse osmosis filters
An efficient Polyamide (PA) reverse osmosis membrane produces 35 gallons of purified, highly oxygenated drinking water per day. Reverse osmosis effectively reduces total dissolved solids, including fluoride, lead and cadmium.

Stage Four
A 12-inch, solid-block, activated carbon filter removes traces of any pollutants while improving the taste.

Special Features

  • Easy to use, it snaps onto your faucet.
  • Large, solid-block activated carbon pre- and post-filters mean extra-pure water.
  • Get 35 gallons of pure drinking water per day.
  • One unit works on all potable water supplies.
  • New timer with lights indicates when to change filters.
  • Easier to service.
  • No brass fittings.
  • New attractive countertop design.

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