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Some comments from a few of our satisfied ionizer customers.

"Thank you for your personalized service and an excellent product."
Mr. J.G., Davenport, Iowa

"This is a great product. I already ordered one and was astonished that it actually prevented guests from having allergic reactions to my cat. I'm impressed."
Mr. P.G., New York, NY

"I put the negative ion box in our bedroom and it has been there since. For the past two mornings Jeff and I have woke up with clear heads! No stuffiness! You have my endorsement and it really works! Best wishes and Thanks a lot!
Mrs. D.S., Cygnet, Ohio

"I have been using your ionizer for a couple months now, and my allergies are much improved. I really noticed the difference when a guest accidentally squashed the [ SSE ion] emitter wires down to the surface and I unplugged the unit for a few days until I could get around to re-shaping them. My allergies returned with a vengeance, prompting me to make time to fix the emitter! After a day with the ionizer back up and running, I was back to 'better'. I would estimate 'better' to be about an 80% reduction in symptoms, which I find very pleasing."
Mr. D.H., Kent, Washington

"I feel so energized! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Mr. S.A., Arlington, Virginia

"I let the unit operate for several weeks with the standard emitter (now in the closet), and then decided to switch over to the [CFE] long-life emitter. The unit continues to do a fabulous job in keeping the air in my office fresh and non-stale. I used to periodically get somewhat low; and sometimes it has been to the extent that I had an unbearable urge to run away and escape from this electronic nightmare --outside to fresh air and a stroll. Now, its actually pleasant to spend time in the office, with this neat and very quiet ionizer."
B.H., Boone, North Carolina

"Since placing your ionizer in the room where our cat stays, my visiting son-in-law who is allergic to cats had NO allergic symptoms for the first time. In the past, I vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly before he and my daughter came to stay for a few days, but it didn't help him. It's great!"
Mrs. E.M., Bowling Green, Ohio

"It works great on cigar smoke. House no longer smells like dump fire!!!. I bought one of your ionizers from a friend, he ordered two but found he only needed one to get rid of his cat litter box smell."
Mr. P.V., Port Washington, Wisconsin

"I would like to thank you for the ionizer. It arrived last week and it's working fine. So much so I think I'll need to clean it cause the box is already covered in very fine grey dust. And the other thing I noticed was in the first few days I was really struggling to get up from bed in the morning, but that has changed now for the better. I think in the near future I'd like to order the CF emitters. Until then, my regards."
Mr. G.S., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

"Bought it for my neighbor. She swears it is a good thing, so thank you."
Mr. A.S., Provo, Utah

"I put in the old emitter and spread the wires about 1 inch apart. Everything seems good. I asked my daughter if she noticed any difference. She said she didn't know, but she slept until 10 am in the morning. She usually has a hard time sleeping."
Mr. J.D., Van Hornesville, New York

"Thank you for several things: 1. Products received per your schedule. 2. Products in good shape and as advertised. 3. Within 2 days there was a remarkable improvement in my abode (I'm a smoker). 4. As a test I blew some tobacco ash on my tv screen. Instead of sticking to it, within a few seconds they were flicked back at me (nice touch). 5. I appreciated all the verifications and followup e-mail msgs. I presume this is part of your business policy. If so, it's a darn good one. 6.Some years ago I tried other products from damark that proved to be junk and kept me out of the market for some time. Thanks again for providing a personal touch in this digital world." "The unit in use is the IG-033 ionizer and it is located 5ft 3in from the video screen. The improvement I noticed is that my breathing is better and that visible dust and smoke particles disappear very quickly. I have forgotten the brand name of the previous ion generator I had, but it had a platform rectangular shape approx 3 times the dimensions of the IG - 033 and was probably twice as high with a full width inlet about one inch high for the full width of the unit. I'm sorry I can't remember more, it's been 5 or 6 years since I threw it out. I will keep our transactions on file for future use. Thank you for your nice response."
Mr. D.T., Silverdale, Washington

"My allergies are better than they have been in over 15 years since installing the negative ion generators in our home and office."
Mrs. K.W., Comtech Research

"Even in this low-humidity environment, I can definitely notice a change in the quality of air in my apt. I was actually clearing my throat for the first two days the unit was on, as dust and air conditioner "gunk" was cleared by enhanced cilia motion in my throat, besides there being MUCH less fine dust in the air to continue to clog lung tissue in the first place. Yes, the dust is now visible on the unit and I've already had to clean it. That's how bad it is here. I also sleep MUCH better. Good sleep is VERY important to me. "Well, I have decided then to keep the unit [IG-133A] and recommend you to others. Your prompt and honest replies have been appreciated. "I am QUITE relieved to have a neg ion generator again. I feel much better, sleep better and feel mentally sharper. There is NO WAY I would continue to live here in Vegas without one of these."
Mr. J.F., Las Vegas, NV

"The clip-off wire is a great idea. I've been using ionizers for thirty years, and the pins, no matter how clean they're kept, do wear down. I've lost a lot of money to these things."
Mrs. S.B., Redondo Beach, CA

"Dear Sirs, this little unit is very impressive! I can't say I fully understand it's physical properties or principles, however I can say it does remove the odors that were causing abosolutely unbearable living conditions in my apartment! Including many sleepless nights. "I must admit I was very skeptical that this generator could remove the strong second-hand smoke odor created by the smoker living in the apartment below mine, but it did! I placed the Negative Ion Generator in the bedroom (centrally located in the apartment) as high as I could atop my tall dresser. After the first 24 hours there was really no noticable change... but the second day I noticed a distinct difference, and by the third day - NO odors were distinguishable, NONE! Simply amazing! "I'm a severe allergy sufferer, taken allergy-shots for years, had asthma since I was very young, and I'm extremely sensitive to second hand cigarette smoke. The smoke odor in my apartment was not noticable to some people, others could smell it, but to me - it was absolutely unbearable. I didn't want to inconvenience my neighbor but feared I would be forced to move... Your product completely cleared the air in my apartment. My apartment is about 1800 sq. ft. and I cannot smell any smoke (nor anything for that matter) anywhere in the entire apartment. I assure you, when I have the money I plan to order another. Thank you for the product and giving me the reassurance that if it didn't work - I could return it."
Mr. B. F., Richland, WA [Note: Please see the FAQ about odors here and here.]

"I wanted to thank you for the promptness of your order and wanted to wait to write you until I had used the ion machine for about a month to get a good feel for if it mad any difference in the way I feel. I can definitely say that I wake up with more energy and in general, just plain feel better!!! In fact, so much better that I would really like to have one of these machines with me all the time--do you carry any models that can be used in the car or a model that is easily transported?"
Ms. J.A., Lebanon, TN

"Your negative-ion generator has worked flawlessly! My wife cooks bacon every morning and the fragrance fills the house. Before we bought your neg-ion generator, the house would still smell of bacon when we returned home after work. Now the fragrance (odor to some) is completely gone when we return home from work thanks to your product. Bravo! The one thing that made me try your product is the fact that the emitter can be replaced. My cats had destroyed the emitter on a competitors product and I was forced to throw it in the trash can. Our cats have not damaged the emitter on your product and I am so pleased with the product itself that I am ordering your space-age emitter [CFE]."
Mr. S.B., Spring, TX

"Thus far, the unit with the long-life [CFE ion emitter] seems to be doing a great job. It's been operating for about 9 1/2 hours now and the air seems cleaner and breathing easier. When I plugged it in I disconnected and removed my Honeywell HEPA air cleaner which only seemed to take up space, make noise, and have no effect on air quality--notwithstanding claims to the contrary. Both my wife and I definitely notice the difference. Cleaner air and a quieter room--what a great trade off. "
Mr. R.W., Newport News, VA

"I want to thank you for getting the Ionizers out for me so quick, I received the order in saturday's mail. I set them up as soon as I received them. About twelve noon I could tell within 30 minutes a difference. Used them all afternoon, still on this morning, I am breathing much better now."
6 weeks later, he writes:
"I am very pleased with the Ionizers. My wife has head aches at night that keeps her from sleeping, I put Ionizer in bedroom it helped some. About 10 days ago I put both units in bed room so far she has not had head aches at night and is sleeping a lot better."
Mr. D.L., Gordonsville, TN

"I appreciate the information on your site, much more informative than the other sites I looked at. Haven't used an ion generator since the early 80's, because it didn't last long. Thanks so much for offering replacement parts, too."
J. H., Henryville, IN

"I received the units and plugged them in Friday, one here at work and one at home. Already this weekend I had more energy and got a lot done - much more than usual. I slept more, but still accomplished more in the time I was awake."
Mrs. B.D., Overland Park, KS

"I received the shipment on Friday. Thanks. I've had the ionizers running since then and noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of the air in my bedroom and study. Wonderful!"
Mr. G.D., Ontario, Canada

"The first unit I bought about a year ago is working flawlessly! I need a second one for another room."
Mr. S.B., Spring, TX

"The air cleaner really helps in the Bedrooom. [My husband] uplugged it during a storm & forgot it, and we both had a rough night. We slept much better last night after it was plugged back in, so a whopping big THANKS."
Mrs. C.B., Lewisburg, KY

"I'd like to say that I am more than satisfied with your level of customer service. I certanly appreciate the way everything was handled."
Mr. B.T., Shelton, CT

"I want to report that so far, this little ionizer that you built for us especially is just wonderful. I don't see any dust anywhere else, really. I clean it off everyday with the alcohol. I'm very impressed with it. So I thought you would be glad for that happy report."
Mrs. A.C., Hartville, MO

"I love it. Most of my 'morning pain' is gone."
Mrs. A.M., Clarksville, MD

These are all unsolicited comments.

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