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Feel good again...
try a negative ion generator today.

Our high-density negative ion generators are compact, quiet, and efficient. They generate far more usable negative ions than some ionizers costing several hundred dollars, yet sell for a fraction of the cost. And we have superior, longer-lasting negative ion emitters that generates far more negative ions than brushes, needles, or other methods commonly used.



The actual ionization output has been measured at over 93 trillion negative ions per second. And this goes up when something or someone gets close to the ion emitters. The actual ion output generated depends on the humidity* in the room and the condition** of the emitters.

We do not publish ions/cm3 figures, because that also varies with the distance from the emitter, humidity, and air movement within the room. However, these ionizers do indeed emit a high and optimum level of negative ions into the room. The ionization coverage is approximately 400 ft2 (a 20' by 20' area). That's 4000 cubic feet, if you have 10' high ceilings.

These compact units plug into any standard 120 volt AC outlet. Generating ions draws very little power (less than 1 watt!), so is exceptionally economical to operate.

The IG-133A negative ionizer measures only 5 by 5 inches by 1.5 inches tall (up to 7 inches tall, including the ion emitter).

* The ion generation decreases somewhat at very low humidity. This effect is minimized in the IG-133A.


negative ion generator

Model IG-133A

$164.95 each

Order 2 or more and save 10%!

Only $148.45 each for
two or more.

** All ion emitters on negative ion generators deteriorate. However, the ion emitters on our negative ion generators are user- renewable! Simply trim the ends of the fine wires on the ion emitter (on top of the unit) occasionally with a pair of wire cutters, according to the instructions, to keep the ion output at its peak.

The ion emitter is replaceable. It plugs in to the top of the box. Replacement SSE ion emitters only $9.95.

Long-life, maintenance-free CFE ion emitter are also available in our online store for only $29.95.

Less than .04 parts per million ozone close to the emitter.

Safe to use near computers

Improved ionizers now available! The IG-033 series has been replaced by the IG-133 series negative ion generators. Same appearance, higher negative ion output, same high quality.

60-day money back guarantee

Five-year warranty



FREE ION DETECTOR included with any ionizer order


Model IG-1215

For automotive or marine use
using 12 volts DC

IG-1215negativeiongenerator213ds.jpg (9746 bytes)

  • Quality engineered and constructed
  • Will not interfere with vehicle radio reception
  • 60-day money-back Guarantee
  • Five-year warranty 

$229.00 each

Order 2 or more and save 10%!

Only $206.10 each for
two or more.

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