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Click here to see a demo of our IG-133DG in action. It is a two-part video posted on YouTube by a satisfied customer.

8 things to look for when buying an ionizer

1) High negative ion output
Have you seen the deceptive ads? Some imply that their 'ionizer' actually puts out a breeze consisting of high-density negative air ions, when that is not true. Before you buy, read their manual, catalog, package, etc. Do they say that their product actually emits large numbers of ions externally (in the millions or trillions)? Our products do. Several other 'air purifier' products claim to be negative ionizers, but are in fact really ozone generators. Some even emit harmful positive ions.

In December 2002, two different models of nationally-advertised, column-style "ionizers" were tested using a very sensitive negative ion detector. The negative ion output reading from both units was zero. A close examination of the instruction manuals revealed no claim to actually emitting negative ions; only ozone.

We only sell ionizers which have been tested and proven to produce generous amounts of negative ions. The actual ionization output of our IG-133 series models has been measured at over 93 trillion negative ions per second!

2) Free negative ion detector
Negative ions are invisible. So if your negative ionizer stops working, or if it produces only a few negative ions, you will have no way of knowing. That is of course, unless you buy one from us, because we include a free ion detector with every ionizer purchase! That's how confident we are, because we know for a fact that our ionizers have been tested and proven to perform.

3) External emitters
Some "ionizers" generate negative ions internally. The problem with that is, most of the ions are attracted to the inside of the unit. Therefore, only a few of the ions actually leave the unit and go out into the room. And some use chemicals, perfumes, or agents. None of our products do.

4) Serviceable or long-life emitters
The ends of all ion emitters wear, and as that happens, the negative ion output decreases. That's because the ions are only produced at a sharp point. Most ionizers have needle type emitters. When they become dull, you will either have to sharpen them somehow, or else you will have to buy and install new ones. Our standard SSE ion emitters consist of eight fine wires. To keep them sharp, simply trim the ends occasionally to maintain optimum negative ion output. Our optional CFE emitter ($29.95) requires no trimming, and never requires sharpening.

5) External dust collection plate
Many ionizers build up a coating of dirt inside that makes them stop working after a relatively short period of time. But our model IG-133A ionizer is designed to have the dirt build up on the outside so it can be cleaned off easily.

6) Warranty
We feel that any company offering high quality products should back up their claims with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do exactly that. We provide a full 60-day money-back guarantee on all ionizer products sold, plus a full five-year limited warranty. Due to the high quality of materials and workmanship, the return rate for our products is almost zero.

7) A fair price
Some companies add a huge price markup. You may have seen ads for models which sell for several hundred dollars. Some try to mask the high cost by splitting the cost into several "easy" payments made over several months. However, our policy is "a great product at a fair price".

8) Testimonials
When a company makes a good product, their customers will definitely notice it. Click here to read comments from our satisfied customers.

A negative ion generator can improve indoor air quality, and also your mood.

IG-133A negative ion generator
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Negative ions: effects

Negative ions (that is, negative-charged ions) in a room act as air purifiers, causing dust, pollen, mold, smoke, and many other allergens to stick together and fall to the floor, or be attracted to objects in the room. Among other things, they can make the air you breathe more pure and allergen-free.

A high negative ion exposure appeared associated with feeling better about self, less sensitive, and more responsive or innervated (energized). From 8/82 issue of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine.

Studies have shown that some people become very depressed when negative ion counts are very low (Seasonal depression) or when positive ion counts are high (such as in front of a computer monitor).

"Results indicated that subjects had faster reaction times and reported feeling significantly more energetic under negative Air Ion conditions then under normal air conditions." From Influence of Negative Air Ions on Human performance and Mood.

"... The introduction of negative ion generation increased the subjective rating of alertness, atmospheric freshness, and environmental and personal warmth."

A HealthyGlow Products negative ion generator's output will effectively neutralize positive ions. Not all negative ion generators are created equal. Before you buy a negative ion generator, there are several things to consider.

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