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How does a negative ion generator produce negative ions?
What is the difference between the different negative ionizers?
Where is the best place to put the negative ion generator?
How long will the negative ion emitters on the ionizers last?
What's the difference between negative ions and ozone?
Will your negative ion generators get rid of odors?
How are the negative ion generators tested?
Do you have negative ion detectors?
How do I tell if it is working without a negative ion detector?
Do your negative ionizers also put out positive ions?
What's the difference between a negative ion generator and an ionizer?
Where can I find more info about negative ions?
How do your ionizers compare to "Brand X" ionizers?
But how can your ionizers be good ones at these low prices?
What is your return policy?
Privacy guarantee


How does a negative ion generator produce negative ions?

There's several ways to generate negative ions, but our ionizers apply a safe, extremely low-current, high voltage to sharp points (the ion emitter). Without getting into a detailed explanation and delving into electron physics, the electrons build up on the sharp points and are ejected into the air, where they attach themselves to oxygen atoms. Since the electrons have a "negative" charge, the molecules of oxygen with extra electrons become negative ions.

The voltage level and negative ion emitter design in our ionizers is chosen to optimize the level of negative ions in the room.

What is the difference in the two models?

Our best-selling model is the IG-133A. The slightly improved design has the following benefits over the IG-133:

  1. The IG-133A has a metallic surface on top that attracts fine dust, pollen, etc. and improves the performance and ion output of the unit slightly.
  2. The IG-133A is less susceptible to decreases in negative ion output when the room humidity is low, such as in the winter, in an air-conditioned room, or in a desert environment.

If you live in a humid environment year-round, you can order the IG-133 and save $20.
If you live in a dry environment (dry in any part of the year), we suggest that you order the IG-133A ionizer.

Where is the best place to put the negative ion generator?

On a table, nightstand, etc. about 2 - 3 feet from other objects is good.

Don't place it in a bookshelf. The negative ions (and dust) will be attracted to the inside of the shelves, rather than going out into the room, where you want them.

How long will the ion emitters last?

We recommend trimming the eight fine wires on the SSE emitters every month or two to maintain optimum ion output. Since the wires are about 2.5" long as shipped, and you can trim them shorter than 1" and still have the ion output, how long they will last depends on how much you trim off. You don't need to trim off much at all; about 1/16" is what we recommend. Doing that, the SSE ion emitters should last two or three years or so. Replacement SSE emitters are $9.95.

The idea behind trimming is to keep the ends of the wires sharp (as viewed under magnification). The ends of all ion emitters wear, and as that happens, the ion output decreases.

The optional CFE emitter ($29.95) requires no trimming, and has a projected lifespan of 5 to 10 years or more.

All ion emitters simply plug in to the top of the ionizers.

What's the difference between negative ions and ozone?

A lot! Negative ions are molecules of oxygen (O2) in the air with an extra electron. Ozone is O3, a molecule of oxygen consisting of three oxygen atoms instead of the normal two.

Negative ions primarily reduce particulates in the air such as dust and pollen, but they aren't as effective as ozone for eliminating odors.

Ozone does not reduce the particulates in the air, but it is more effective at eliminating odors, even very strong odors.

Too much ozone is bad for you. Having said that, there are machines available that intentionally generate ozone (we can supply them if you need one), but if the level of ozone is properly adjusted, the ozone and the odors in the air cancel each other out and little if any ozone remains.

Will your negative ion generators get rid of odors?

Our customers tell us they do indeed get rid of odors, yes. See the testimonials. While ozone is more effective for odors (ions are most effective for particulates such as dust, pollen, cat and animal dander, and other allergens), a number of people who have purchased our ionizers use them to get rid of cigar smoke, cat litter box smell, musty smells, and other odors.

If the odors come from particulates (microscopic particles) in the air, negative ions can indeed eliminate the odorous particles, and so eliminate the odors.

How are the negative ion generators tested?

The negative ion output is tested by the manufacturer by using more than one method. These testing methods of the ion output are proprietary. However, the advertised ion output figures are accurate to within 5% of all testing methods.

The manufacturer does not publish ions per cubic centimeter figures, because that varies greatly with the distance from the emitter, humidity, and air movement within the room. However, these ionizers do indeed emit a high and optimum level of negative ions into a room. The coverage is approximately 400 square feet (e.g. a 20' by 20' room). That's 4000 cubic feet, if you have 10' high ceilings.

Do you have ion detectors?

Yes, we can supply two types of ion detectors if you are interested; however, both are relative output units and while useful, do not have a meter readout.

1. One is a simple unit (model IDN-1); when it is held close to a high-density ionizer, the gas lamp flashes. The closer you hold it to the ion emitter, or the stronger the ion source, the faster it flashes. Normally, it is only $4.95 when purchased with an ionizer but we are currently running a special: it is FREE when purchased with any ionizer.

2. The other (model IDS-2) uses a special LED (light-emitting diode) and solid-state amplifier, and is much more sensitive; it is $199.95. It will also detect negative ions from thunderstorms in the distance, outdoors. The relative intensity of the negative ion field is indicated by the brightness of the LED and how far away from the ionizer the LED glows. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.

How do I tell if it is working without a negative ion detector?

Well, you already possess two "detectors" that will show you that the unit is working: your eyes and ears! In the instructions,   it says:

"In about 15 to 30 seconds if you almost touch the ion emitter with your ear, you may hear a very quiet hiss. You might also feel a very light breeze or movement of air while you are near the tips of the ion emitter. When it is dark, turn out the lights, and after a few minutes (when your eyes become accustomed to the dark) you may be able to see a small pinpoint blue glow on the tips of the wires. The glow will intensify as you move your hand close, and disappear for a few seconds if you touch it." The glow and noise indicate that the unit is working and putting out high levels of negative ions.

A detector that measures actual ion levels in the air might cost $600 or more. You can pay several thousand dollars for a lab-grade ion detector.

Do your negative ionizers also produce positive ions as a byproduct?

No, our ionizers do not generate positive ions. Some other brands of ionizers generate the negative ions by removing electrons from nearby oxygen atoms (thereby creating positive ions) and transferring the electrons to nearby neutral atoms to generate negative ions. However, our ionizers emit all the electrons directly from the ion emitter (instead of robbing them from other atoms). These electrons transfer to oxygen atoms in the air, creating negative ions in large quantities without also creating positive ions.

What's the difference between a negative ion generator and an ionizer?

None. A negative ion generator is an ionizer. An ionizer is a negative ion generator. However, all ionizers are certainly not equal. Our ionizers are long-life, high-ion-density units which put out the optimum level of negative ions.

More information about negative ions:

More information is listed on other pages of this site. Please check the links to our other pages below.

How do your ionizers compare to "Brand X" ionizers?


We occasionally receive e-mails asking "how do your products compare to..." other ionizers made by other manufacturers. It would not be ethical to immediately say that, yes, ours are better than a certain brand. But the comments from people who've bought them speak for themselves. And there's already enough info on this web site that says why we believe ours are superior and longer-lasting.

Have you seen the deceptive commecials? There are several misleading product ads and product names that imply that their 'ionizer' actually puts out a breeze consisting of high-density negative air ions, when that is not the case. Before you buy, read their manual, catalog, package, etc. Do they say that their product actually emits large numbers of ions externally (in the millions or trillions)? Our products do. Several other 'air purifier' products claim to be negative ionizers, but are in fact really ozone generators. Yet other "ionizers" do generate some negative ions, but they do so internally; few ions ever leave their unit and go out into the room. And as unbelievable as it may seem, some even put out positive ions. And some use chemicals, perfumes, or agents. None of our products do; check before you buy one.

During the first week of December 2002, the manufacturer tested two different models of nationally-advertised, column-style "ionizers" being sold in a nearby retail store, using a very sensitive negative ion detector. The negative ion output reading from both units was zero. But we could walk outside and easily detect negative ions that were normally present that day outdoors. A close examination of the instruction manuals (and also another brand of 'air purifier' of similar appearance that was not tested) revealed no claim to actually emitting negative ions; only ozone.


We think ours will outlast any ionizer. That's a bold statement, but we believe it is the truth for three reasons:

1. All ionizers have an ion emitter, and all emitters wear out. But our emitters are either user-renewable (details on our site) or, for $29.95 extra, extremely long life. In any case, they are replaceable; they just plug in.

2. Many ionizers build up a coating of dirt inside that makes them stop working after a relatively short period of time. But ours are designed to have the dirt build up on the outside so it can be cleaned off easily.

3. The electronics inside the ionizer is not only a reliable design, but quality built.

But how can your ionizers be good ones at the prices you're selling them for?

People see other ionizer brands advertised, and naturally assume that the higher-priced ionizers must be better than ours. So how can our negative ion generators be really good at these low prices? Because we deal directly with the manufacturer of these ionizers, and since they have agreed to ship them directly to the customer, we can sell them on this web site for a very low markup. We could greatly  increase our profit margin per ionizer, like some companies do, but then obviously we wouldn't sell as many.

What is your return policy?

We have never charged anyone a restocking fee. After inspection of the returned merchandise, we refund the full purchase price, less shipping and handling charges (if any) of any ionizer or emitter displayed on our web site *.

Product(s) and/or accessories must be received by us within sixty days of invoice date (or the day we shipped it to you, if that happens to be later than the invoice date) in like-new, saleable condition with all original packaging, etc. Before returning anything to us, please contact us for instructions first.

The bottom line is, the return rate on our products is less than one-half of one percent. That is a fact, and it testifies to the satisfaction of our ionizer customers.

But we do not want you to keep anything that you don't want or need, so if you purchase something from us and want to return it, please contact us for instructions and a return authorization number.

* 60-day money-back policy applies to any standard ionizer or emitter displayed or sold on this web site. For custom ordered or special ionizer(s) for your special application or installation, returns may be subject to a restocking fee or only covered under our warranty for materials and workmanship (that is, it/they may not be returnable for a refund or credit).

Privacy policy statement and guarantee

We respect your privacy! Any information you send us -either to inquire about or to order a product- is kept strictly confidential by us. We do not sell names or mailing lists to anyone.

Let's make this plain and easy to understand. We will never, NEVER, give, sell, rent, or otherwise disclose to ANYONE else, your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone numbers, or ANY OTHER INFORMATION that you send us. We never have, and we never will.

We are very fussy about the security of all transactions. Our secure server software (SSL) encrypts all of your personal information, including your credit card number, so that it cannot be read by others as the information travels over the Internet. After you place an order with us, if you use a credit card, the confirmation email you receive will NOT contain your credit card number.

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